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Estate Administration Dispute Involves Chris Cornell's Daughter

Law Office of Mary Alice Gwynn, PA June 18, 2019

Handling the final affairs of a Florida resident's estate is not an easy job. In fact, it is one that can span for years, especially if a person is in charge of handling the distribution of assets at certain times. Though representatives may have instructions on how to handle estate administration, claims against the estate could still result.

It was recently reported that Vicky Cornell, the widow of late musician Chris Cornell, is dealing with a dispute with the rocker's daughter, Lily Cornell Silver. According to reports, Cornell had set up a trust fund before his death with the stipulation that the funds would be used for tuition and other college costs for his daughter. Last year, Lily Cornell Silver attended her first year of college and received $42,000 for tuition costs. However, she apparently dropped out of college during the first week of her second semester.

Still, Lily requested additional funds from the trust, which Vicky Cornell, who is the representative for the estate, denied. She claims that no additional funds will be provided until there is proof that Lily has gone back to college. It was unclear whether this dispute could lead to litigation with the estate, though a claim for additional funds was filed with the probate court by Lily Cornell Silver.

Individuals who take on the role of representative for an estate have a lot to handle when it comes to estate administration. If a dispute does arise over property or other aspects of the estate, it can certainly be difficult to attempt to handle, especially on one's own. Fortunately, Florida executors and personal representatives can work with their legal counsel to effectively handle claims against estates.