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Law Office of Mary Alice Gwynn, PA May 9, 2019

Florida residents and people across the country often put off important tasks because they believe they can complete them later or that they are not necessary to complete. Commonly, this belief can stem from the fact that many individuals have the wrong information regarding important life steps, such as estate planning. Too many people continue to believe that they do not need estate plans or that they can get away with putting minimal effort into planning, and that can cause problems.

Thinking that one does not need an estate plan is a major mistake. Nearly every adult can benefit from having a plan, but many individuals think that a plan is only necessary if they have a substantial amount of money or other assets that will need distributing after their deaths. However, estate plans go far beyond simply addressing asset distribution, which is why it is important that parties have the right information regarding the various uses of estate plans.

Another mistake that some people could make is thinking that they neither have to take much time to plan correctly nor revisit the plans later once they have made them. Unfortunately, if individuals attempt to create a do-it-yourself will, they could make major mistakes in their document that render it invalid. As a result, it is wise to enlist help throughout the planning process. The same potential for invalidity exists for outdated estate plans. If the information does not fit with the circumstances of a person's life at the time of his or her death, it may prove unhelpful.

Estate planning can certainly seem like a task better left for another time, but in reality, anyone could suffer a serious accident or illness at any time. Without an estate plan to guide them, loved ones may be left to worry that they have not taken the right steps to handle necessary affairs. Florida residents may want to closely consider their planning options and consider speaking with legal professionals about how to get started.